Make a Joyful Noise

I’m sure there’s a proper name for this type of drum, but with or without the name attached, the sound was just amazing.

These guys were part of Parade the Circle in Cleveland, Ohio. The parade is held  every year in June and celebrates all art forms and is the most colorful thing               I have ever seen.

To the Max

This was taken at “Parade the Circle” in University Circle, Cleveland, Ohio.                      Every summer there is a grand and colorful parade honoring all art forms.

As the title suggests, this giant paper mache puppet was honoring Peter Max.

True North

This is part of my “Erie Effects” series from February, 2011.

Every morning at 8:30, from Jan 1st through Dec 31st 2011, without fail, I headed out to the bluff on Lake Erie to take a picture of the view looking west, north, and east to document how the lake changes on a daily basis.

It was most unpleasant during the winter months, but sights like this certainly made it worth the effort.


Leave the Windows Behind

While walking along a sidewalk in downtown Elyria, Ohio I heard the rustling of dried leaves and branches blowing in the wind.  I looked up and was all set to snap off some pictures of the leaves with the bricks of the building as the background when the new window in an old sill caught my eye.

As I was looking at that lone window and wondering what kind of renovation went on in that building, that’s when I noticed the windowless sill, below and to the right of the new window, and had to incorporate those in with the leaves and branches for a much more interesting photo than what I had originally intended.