It Came From Outer Space

This is not an alien ship, just the seed pod of a flowering dogwood tree.

I guess it could also be mistaken for a monochromatic disco ball.


This little guy might have been making his first flight, he looks pretty new to me.

I was tending to a plant that my neighbor, Sally gave me, clipping off yesterday’s news to get to the fresh growth before putting it in the earth and in mid-clip I heard a lot of chatter. Looked up and saw this guy on one of the branches that was next in line for a trim.

And no, I don’t have my camera with me when I’m doing dirt therapy. I had to go up to the house to get it, thinking that I’d missed my photo op, but he was still there when I got back and we had a nice little conversation.

This was his response when I asked him what he was doing there. Kinda looks like the expression a teenager gets when you ask if they’ve cleaned their room.