Jack O. Lantern and Company

There’s just something about a pumpkin patch in October that gives me a warm and cozy feeling.

My very favorite jack-o-lantern was the year that my dad helped me make it really scary (at least it seemed so at the time).  I carved my pumpkin with what looked to me to be the scariest face ever, lined the inside of the jack-o-lantern with foil and my dad strung a set of Christmas tree lights out to it with just one red bulb screwed in tight, which we put inside the pumpkin rather than a candle.  Remember those Christmas tree lights with the big bulbs that you could rearrange to get the colors to be equally disbursed, and if one light went out the whole strand didn’t follow suit?  But I digress….


Sergeant Pepper

These beautiful peppers finally made it to our fall festival, but more importantly so did Sandi and her daughter after some truck trouble.

The purple peppers (which I never saw or heard of before this) taste similar to a red bell pepper.