Happy Christmas!

There are so many things that come to mind as a title for this picture, so I’m opening it up to all of you to submit your ideas for a title.  Your name will be credited with your quote.
This picture was taken at the Winterfest parade in Lorain, OH.

Camera Shy (or not)

I was on a photo safari in downtown Toledo when this young man comes up to me and asks if I would take his picture.  I said sure.  He posed himself in front of a brick wall and then asked me if he could take off his shirt.  I said sure.  Then he proceeded to strike some poses as if he were being photographed for a magazine.  He definitely was not shy about the camera or about his body.

Because I didn’t have my bag with the model release forms with me, I can’t show his face, so you get a cropped out version of him.

I took about 5 or 6 pictures, he put his shirt back on, smiled and said thanks, then we went our separate ways.