That’s what my mom called umbrellas.  And with it raining today, along with it being dreary, a bit of color and a fun memory of mom is just the right pick-me-up.


Paint Your Wagon

I thought we could use some bright colors with the doldrums of winter still lingering.

This was a work of art in progress during Parade the Circle in Cleveland, OH.

The artists were dressed in white and they had squeeze bottles filled with a variety of paint colors which they used to squirt paint on the canvas as well as each other.

As they walked the parade route, they each became a walking painting along with pieces such as this one that were part of their float in the parade.

To the Max

This was taken at “Parade the Circle” in University Circle, Cleveland, Ohio.                      Every summer there is a grand and colorful parade honoring all art forms.

As the title suggests, this giant paper mache puppet was honoring Peter Max.